"Let's Get Personal" Mastermind.

When Operating with Clarity & Authenticity is Non-Negotiable

July 30th 8pm (est)

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Hey Love!

I'm Crystal Nichole

Listen, Everyone Deserves to be Seen & Heard.


Like you, I'm multi-faceted, passionate, and a wearer of many hats.  I've managed to balance a progressing career, launched and turned multiple passions into businesses, all while being a wife, a mother of a blended family, a daughter taking care of aging parents, & yes, the list goes on and on.


So, if you're like me, I know you've felt the pull and pressure that puts on you.

Your Clarity & Presence Coach

Be Authentically Visible & Stand in your Power!

While I believed I was at the top of my game, at some level I felt I was "performing" in these areas - I felt split - like I was being a different version of myself in every aspect of my life... 


I was exhausted & frustrated and I became stagnant & stuck!  I'd lost myself in the process of "Doing" vs. "Being". 


I knew there was a calling on me to be visible and to make an impact but I was paralyzed because I lacked clarity.  The clarity in myself and in my next steps

  • Should I take on yet another thing

  • How do I do all the things I love and not feel torn or split

  • How do I exude the confidence I know I have, in my presence

  • How do I show up as ME 100%, in all areas of my life, 100% of the time


It wasn't until I got Real & Personal with myself and listened to my core that I found that clarity.  Clarity in whom I'd become, what I truly wanted, and how to step into my power by "Being" vs. "Doing"!

And I'd love to help you do the same!

Please Join Me - July 30th - 8pm (est) for the

Let's Get Personal Mastermind on Presence & Core Clarity

I'm Cheering you on to Put your Best Foot Forward & Live your most Authentic Life!

By Getting Real & Personal with Me - You'll Learn To


Identify, understand, & bring forward the REAL You!  No more pretenses nor facades


Determine what you truly want - in business & in life, in the connections you make & opportunities to pursue 


Operate with Clarity & Alignment - bringing all the facets of you together - Cohesively & Authentically

Word on the Street

Rewatching your Lives made me realize that your videos really do motivate & inspire me.  Like I literally center back to what my entire brand has been from before I even moved here.

I'd seem to lose sight, then find my way, and lose sight, and find my way but when I watch you I'm reminded of who and what my vision is and has always been.

Having CLARITY is so Freeing!

Elle M., NC by way of LA


My Clarity & Authenticity are No longer Negotiable!