with your uniqueness

Be You Authentically!

Happy to have a moment of your time.  It's a precious commodity so allow me to get straight to the point.


We are Passionate, Multi-Faceted, & Purpose-driven wearers of many hats.


We are "Doer's" often balancing meaningful careers while ambitiously running or launching our passions into business(es).

You are here because You have been Called to be Visible  - Your Talents, Passions, & Your Gifts.

Not only this - but it Must Feel Natural - Authentically You.

You Are Your Brand - You know this but aren't clear on the "How to" of Being Your Brand.

What you are clear on, is You are no longer available for Pretending,  for having to have Social Media "Perfection", or a  "Curated" Life.


You have more depth, purpose, and passion and it's now time to be R.E.A.L.   (Rid of Extraness & Lies)

This is not just a saying, it's a must and non-negotiable lifestyle for you.

Now, If this has been true so far then you probably have two decisive questions:

Q1:  Will personal branding help bring all the elements of you together in a way that feels natural, truly you -  attracting opportunities and operating in spaces aligned to you?

Q2:  Am I the right person to get YOU there?

Let me be clear: Yes & Absolutely without Hesitation!

Personal Branding, done with intention, feels authentic and natural and will align you to attract opportunities or clients that are in sync with you.

Now as far as me, Personal Branding is what I do - and I'm EXCELLENT at doing just that


I understand exactly where you are and how you got there - I too needed a presence that was aligned and brought all the elements of me together, cohesively.


I took myself step by step through the process of defining an authentic stand-out personal brand - One that balanced my Style, Presence, and Passions and I can do the same with you.

Listen, only YOU know when you're ready to take the step towards Confidence, Clarity, & Cohesion.


So when you ARE ready to be Authentically Visible, I'll guide you to your Aligned Standout Personal Brand.

Hey Love!

"Let's build a Stand-Out

Personal Brand that

Aligns, Compliments, & Speaks for You,

with Authenticity"!


are your


Brand with Intention



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Client Experience

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 1.31.07 PM.jpeg

Alex Kairington - Model


"Crystal Nichole is OUTSTANDING! She was able to refine my vision and produce a marketing plan, style guide, social media framework, etc. She is very professional and kind. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their image, business, or brand to the next level!

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 1.03.18 PM.jpeg

Sherrie M. Henry

VP - Cannabis Funding

Working with Crystal is like having a mirror being held up and given the Power & Permission to either break that mirror or walk through it! 

After the Program, I am now confidently STANDING in who I am vs. just Walking through.


Kandice Bannerman, Advocate

Special Needs @ Play

"Crystal Nichole is a GENIUS! Not only did she brand & dress me for television and media appearances, She explained the logic behind her choices and taught me how to do it for myself. She taught me how to have presence & to find clothing that enhances and compliments my natural figure.  I am so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom she shared with me. Working with Crystal changed the way I view fashion & branding. Thanks to her expertise, I now have an authentic brand & my own signature style and look, and I feel confident every time I leave home!